Wind, Blow Me Away

Wind, blow me away to a place free of the numb, repressed souls of this gray place: the hunched-over generation of computer drones and the happy-hour crowds. For a man trapped in a burning house could take one of two chances – jump and risk the fall or stay inside while it all burns around him, hoping to be saved. Tell me if I’m the one with his head on straight, afloat in a sea of lost children playing grown-up, or if I truly am the mad one, reaping an unavoidable inheritance. And if there is a time for adventure — a leaping point — sound the alarm loud and clear, and in an instant let me leave behind all that I knew so well would make me happy for a new start. Come to find me marinating in an olive mans’ words over coffee in a faraway place; lying belly-up in the ocean witnessing my soul connect with the sun; and working in alignment with my entire being’s true nature, to love and be loved. Blow me away, wind. 💨🔥 ❤️ 🌊 👨‍🎨


Photo credit: Rico Kinnard

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