Male Model Hair Commercial

MY VERY OWN MEN’S HAIR COMMERCIAL that I made. Create your own hype. Cause it’s been my dream to be a top male model since I was 15 and I’m creating it each and every day and it’s a MAGICAL EXPERIENCE. I’m almost 30 years-old and I’m about to POP OFF and no one can tell me any different! I’m going for it 1000% and I’m not afraid anymore. If you wanna book more as a model, create your own content and market it directly to clients. Why not?


Perfect Fucking Moment

I remember the moment this photo was taken, the click of the camera. I dropped my head down and finger-combed my hair forward, then flung myself up for the I-don’t-know-how-many-th time, then BAM. Not to sound like a narcissistic nightmare who makes you wanna choke on your own vomit, but it was a hard shot to pull off all things considered: chin had to stay down, shoulders up, find the lens and make eye contact in a millisecond, hand ever so slightly tugging my shirt, then hope my hair was still up and not whooshed back out of sight.

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