5 Surprising Reasons to Hire a Creative Real Estate Agent

If you live in New York you’re probably a slash-king-or-queen, or know one – that is, a “realtor/model,” or a “writer/bartender,” or the all-famous “actor/waiter.” While in the past this may have been looked down upon, in today’s hybrid world where people change jobs up to 15 times per lifetime, it’s not surprising. Plus, having multiple, interdependent passions/careers and transferable skills galore? That sounds like some modern millennial efficiency right there. Also, relying on one income stream and sacrificing your passion in order to meet Mr. & Mrs. Jones’ idea of how your life should look? So last year. Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard of someone quitting their corporate, soul-crushing job to pursue their real dream, which is probably in a rustic, tiny house in Northern Oregon painting landscapes or some other city-folk-nervous-breakdown-emergency-plan fantasy. Here are my 5 Surprising Reasons to Hire a Creative Real Estate Agent

1. We’re connected.

Every time I’m on set it’s a networking opportunity, and with Creative Directors, Ad Agency Executives, top Commercial Photographers, Directors of Advertising for multinational corporations, and Editors of national publications likely hovering around somewhere, the highly qualified leads and potential referral-network additions are plentiful. As a creative on set, there can be a lot of downtime, so we’ll all get talking, and one thing leads to another, then suddenly a new buyer lead for that two-family in Bushwick emerges, or maybe the photographer’s 2nd assistant needs a new studio apartment in Williamsburg.

2. We’re fearless and creative advertisers.

Trust me, if you’ve fought the sweaty, sometimes-bloody and surely tear-filled battle to continue to pursue your dream in the entertainment industry in a major city like New York, you know how to self-promote, honey. And that talent spills over and benefits seller-and-landlord clients, too. Traditional Internet real estate advertising platforms not providing enough leads? Let’s pop this beast on social media. That’s not working? Alright, let’s hit the phones. Phones not bringing in the buyer/renter fast enough? Let’s post a flyer. Flyer not working? Ok, fine, let’s go out on the f****** street and sell this mofo old-school-style.

3. We’re always available – like, always.

It’s a given for a real estate agent to work long hours and hustle, especially in a city like New York, but being a professional model as well? I’ve been blindsided with last-minute bookings, one time being called on a Sunday to fly out to Iceland for a modeling job in the next two days, and just last week booking a national advertising campaign, and when do you think I got that call? 9pm the night before the job. Worried this makes me less available as your real estate agent? Don’t be. Good agents always have a trusted network to call upon in their absence, or an all-star assistant, and being “always on” means I can receive leads for your property at any hour, or respond quickly to your lease-or-contract-related question the night before signing.

4. We communicate better than the average bear, act chill under pressure, and are next-level sales stars.

In my career as a model I’ve been told to “smile with my eyes,” make a product “look fun” with only my extremities, “be the life of the party” amongst complete strangers for a major brand’s advertising campaign, and most recently play a young Dad of 2-and-10-month-old children for a catalogue shoot. In modeling and acting the non-verbal communication is so lit, and the same goes for real estate. My experience communicating with my voice and body to sell myself through the life cycle of a modeling job — from casting to booking — and staying calm under pressure on the job (even with an adorable, crying infant as a co-worker for the day) helps me meet my clients’ needs when selling or renting a home because I can pick up on subtle cues. I can discern if they’re trying to tell me something in a polite way on a showing (which usually is a no), or if they’re feeling uncomfortable with a certain part of a contract, and can meet their needs compassionately and professionally.

5. We won’t give up when things get tough, and we don’t easily take “no” for an answer.

Rejection? That old hat? Yup, if you’re a creative in a major market like New York you know persistence pays. However, as a top sales talent, one should know when to push and when to back away: push when you know a client is merely stalling for fear of change although they do genuinely love the place and it fits their needs; back away when you feel you’re trying to sell someone on something that won’t add value to their lives or fit their needs. I won’t even go into how many success stories there are, which began with initial failure, but I will say that a real estate agent and creative combined is pretty much the most rejection-proof individual you will ever meet – we eat “no’s” for breakfast everyday, swallow them, then s*** them out and keep going until we get a yes.

Looking to list your property, or in search of a new home, and need a tireless, professional, experienced, positive and cheerful real estate agent to take it on? Hit me up.

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