My CrossFit 30 Day Results

My CrossFit 30 Day Results are IN –¬†thank you to @hutchvalentin for creating @crossfitbreed 3 blocks from my apartment where I can finally progress toward my dream physique in an efficient way. My journey has only begun and I feel stronger, more agile and more hopeful than ever. I did hot yoga 3-5 times a week for 8 months and have seen way more results with weight training and High Intensity Interval Training at my local CrossFit box in just 30 days. Same goes for running – did that for 9 years and kept stopping cause my hip and knees kept getting jacked up. Not knocking either physical activities and will still continue to do both and love them, but now I know where my primary focus should be. I was soooo afraid to lift weights and be judged – I thought I was gonna have a panic attack the first day I came through the door, but the people have been so welcoming, helpful, kind, beautiful and amazing. I refuse to settle for “good enough;” I want to be on top. CrossFit has ignited a fire inside me. My inner athlete has reemerged; my competitive spirit awakened, and I will stop at nothing to achieve my real dream. I don’t feel hopeless anymore. I don’t feel frustrated and tired and burnt out from working my body the same exact way all the time — doing the same damn thing that never brought my desired results — and expecting them if I could only push harder. Fuck that shit, that’s legit the definition of insanity! I feel balanced. I can’t wait to see my results by my 30th birthday on October 9th. I can’t wait to take my modeling career to the next level in my 30s, which is the time I thought it would for sure have to END, but it’s actually FINALLY BEGINNING 6+ years after moving to New York to do this damn thing. Thanks again Hutch and the CrossFit Breed Family! And shoutout to my girl @vargas383 for taking these videos and for all your warmth and support.¬†#crossfitbreed #builtbybreed#breednation #manifestproject #malemodel #fitness#crossfit #crossfitresults #crossfitlife#crossfitcommunity #HIIT #fitmodel #lifestylemodel

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