5 Reasons to Tell Your Negative Inner Voice to Go Fuck Itself

When did you start listening to that motherfucker upstairs? That negative, inner voice that holds you back from being your effusive, buoyant and down-right magical self? Mine says stuff like this every time I start writing: Ugh, you’re sooo full of yourself and pretty annoying, dude. On the real tho… no one gives a fuck what you write; you literally have zero authority or expertise and should probably just go back to hating your life and working 24/7 as a Brooklyn real estate agent because that’s the only thing you’re half-way decent at. You think you’re so fucking perfect and know everything, right? You’re a fuckin’ phony, bro.” What if I actually listened to that bullshit – that negative self-talk coming in to crush any sort of positive imprint I could have on the world and on my own own life? Read below for my 5 Reasons to Tell Your Negative Inner Voice to Go Fuck Itself.

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Crash Course

Hey, I’m Myles. We may know each other, or this may be your first time stumbling upon me in the leafy abundance of the online forest. I’m here writing to you from my apartment in Ridgewood, Queens in New York City. I’m a 29 year-old writer, realtor and model. My mission for this blog is to offer original, inspirational content to help people feel better everyday. 

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Perfect Fucking Moment

I remember the moment this photo was taken, the click of the camera. I dropped my head down and finger-combed my hair forward, then flung myself up for the I-don’t-know-how-many-th time, then BAM. Not to sound like a narcissistic nightmare who makes you wanna choke on your own vomit, but it was a hard shot to pull off all things considered: chin had to stay down, shoulders up, find the lens and make eye contact in a millisecond, hand ever so slightly tugging my shirt, then hope my hair was still up and not whooshed back out of sight.

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Dogs go to Heaven, and Some Humans do, too

Today this adorable pup was on set with me. He was sad because 2 weeks ago he lost his fellow pup sibling after 10 years together. I could feel his solemn energy, so I just sat there with him as long as I could, resting my hand on him and petting him gently to comfort him and let him know I was there. I really believe strongly in the energy exchange between humans and animals. I’ve always had a connection with animals; being with them is so simple, not like us messy humans. And they’re so honest – when they’re sad they cry, when they’re hungry they eat, and when they have to take a shit they don’t care who’s nearby; nothing to prove, not ashamed to get their needs met, and unapologetically themselves. I learn so many lessons from animals.

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