Dogs go to Heaven, and Some Humans do, too

Today this adorable pup was on set with me. He was sad because 2 weeks ago he lost his fellow pup sibling after 10 years together. I could feel his solemn energy, so I just sat there with him as long as I could, resting my hand on him and petting him gently to comfort him and let him know I was there. I really believe strongly in the energy exchange between humans and animals. I’ve always had a connection with animals; being with them is so simple, not like us messy humans. And they’re so honest – when they’re sad they cry, when they’re hungry they eat, and when they have to take a shit they don’t care who’s nearby; nothing to prove, not ashamed to get their needs met, and unapologetically themselves. I learn so many lessons from animals.

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True Self Speaks

I have a side of my personality that I often hide from the world. Messy. Untrusting. Ambivalent. Grieving. Burnt out. Angry. Judgmental. Human. My whole life I thought I needed to be perfect to be loved. And the fucked up part is I thought I had to be perfect to love MYSELF. I tried to hide my flaws, hide my anger, hide my true feelings until they spiraled me into burn out.

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