Puerto Rico

| Puerto Rico, may you mend my heart and soul, recharge me, help heal my grieving spirit, just like you need healing. I know my troubles are thousands of times less than yours. All I can offer is my cosmic energy, tourism dollars, and gentleness for your recovering land. May we be perfect for each other in this moment. 🌅

PSA: Social media isn’t real life. Most of us share the 5% of really great things going on, myself included. But everyone has their struggles.

Mines hiraeth, which is a Welsh word that loosely translates into a longing/yearning for home, maybe a home that never really existed except in idealized fantasies – like a homesickness for a home you can’t go back to because the people who made it home are now gone.

I’m gonna make it tho, because I always do, so don’t worry about me (since I’m roughing it so hard here in this epic beauty lol jk). See you suckers on the mainland Monday 👊🏼❤️

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