Spectral Continuum

A rolling wave ascending up mocha sand, revealing discombobulated sea dwellers and pretty stones.

A distraction, just for a few seconds, from the crushing truth that only Stillness can reveal.

I see it so clearly: all that has been, and all that will be, is Now.

Concurrent dimensional planes bypassing one another on a messy spectral continuum.

A sea of forces so vast and unknowable that it may take 1000 lifetimes to understand.

And maybe I don’t want to.

Because to really see something for what it is? That can be a big disappointment.

Yet I still watch, transfixed by an endless search for meaning.

Photo by Brian Jamie

Celestial Bodies

Open your Eyes and Truly See
My Inner Flame
My Sunrise
Once Extinguished by Shattered Expectations
My Soul
On the Mend
Craving to be Ignited
If I Let you in
Never Cease
To Obliterate my Walls
Until there’s nothing left but You
And our Celestial Bodies