5 Warning Signs your Depression May Actually be Burn-Out

…and how Bad Habits may be Making it Worse

You’ve done everything right: worked hard for long hours, accumulated cultural artifacts of success, and made your family proud. Still, however, you feel this nagging exhaustion, irritability, deep depression and hopelessness for a more balanced tomorrow. When you’re feeling burnt out, your inner saboteur can have a hayday and make life even harder, so read below to see if any of these negative habits are messing with your qi:

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**Tells self** Stay determined. Life isn’t linear. Persist. Never give up on creating the life you dream of, and if it can’t be exactly so, then manifest the essence of it all. Be open to new possibilities. Love big. Don’t hesitate. Don’t be afraid to show your heart. Never give up on yourself.


Photo credit: Paul Aresu