Dear Mom and Dad

Pieces of my heart forever lost

Gone the day you left

Not a sun rises without you journeying through my mind

For I know I am forever in your company

No moon falls behind the morning horizon

Without the assurance of your pride

Should you see how far your sons have come


Thank you for the lessons I’ve learned through your absence

I wish I didn’t have to learn so many so fast

I stopped living my life from the viewpoint of a victim

No longer living off the fumes of it


But it still hurts

And I’m still mad, still sad, only now allowing the anger to emerge

Tears released

Compounded grief

And when it comes I feel it

I don’t hide anymore, I welcome it

And I feel the breeze

And know you’re there

And I feel carried away with the promise of a better life

I look back, but don’t stare

I avoid the mistakes you made

And may I forever be conscious of the blood running through my veins

And not allow your wavering missteps to discolor my world view

Or destroy me


Let me be open, let me be loving, let me be confident and bold

Let me take the chances you never took

And may I be brave enough to take the chances you did take

And may my dreams ever unfold and come true

May I create a happy life

And one day at a time carry on safely with compassion in my heart


Thank you for bringing me into this world

Into existence

Into freedom

A gardener and a carpenter

New England-bred wild children of the 60s and 70s

And may I always remember that I came through your love

I came from love

I am love

I’m strong, I’m brave, I’m resourceful

I’m healthy, I’m happy, I’m beyond

I’m lucky


I hope you made it to heaven

I hope heaven is real

And forever by an invisible string

May we be connected

Until we meet again

As light


RIP Dad (7/21/1956 — 7/30/2016); Mom (12/29/1955 — 10/03/2001)


5 Surprising Reasons to Hire a Creative Real Estate Agent

If you live in New York you’re probably a slash-king-or-queen, or know one – that is, a “realtor/model,” or a “writer/bartender,” or the all-famous “actor/waiter.” While in the past this may have been looked down upon, in today’s hybrid world where people change jobs up to 15 times per lifetime, it’s not surprising. Plus, having multiple, interdependent passions/careers and transferable skills galore? That sounds like some modern millennial efficiency right there. Also, relying on one income stream and sacrificing your passion in order to meet Mr. & Mrs. Jones’ idea of how your life should look? So last year. Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard of someone quitting their corporate, soul-crushing job to pursue their real dream, which is probably in a rustic, tiny house in Northern Oregon painting landscapes or some other city-folk-nervous-breakdown-emergency-plan fantasy. Here are my 5 Surprising Reasons to Hire a Creative Real Estate Agent

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The Lens

The Lens. Through it I may express my feelings, my art form, my vulnerability… for it is you, lover, and all the wild sex we had, and you, heartbreaker, and all the times you left me sad and alone; it is you, best friend, one who lights up my day with laughter and joy. It is through the lens that I may express my hurt, pain, fear, disappointment with the human race and happenstances of my personal history, my grief, joy, happiness, elation, buoyancy, positivity, compassion, exuberance, sexuality and love. My therapeutic process. My dream. My life. It is a safe, inanimate object to connect with, one that won’t hurt me, though the product of our intimacy may cause judgement and pain. For it is through the lens that you gain access to my soul.

Photo credit: self