Need a Motivational Speaker?

I’m a motivational speaker, who aims to touch, move and inspire others. I grew up in an alcoholic household in rural Vermont and experienced the tragic and sudden passing of both my parents at a young age. I’ve done years of recovery and grief work, but know it’s a day-at-a-time process. It’s my personal mission and privileged duty to share my experience, strength and hope with people, particularly young people, and provide a message of hope – there is a way out.

I’ve always refused to settle. At 24 years-old I moved to New York City to pursue my lifelong dream to be a model, and have slowly built a successful career, which I nourish with hard work each day. I’m passionate about helping others achieve their goals and conquer limiting beliefs. I believe life is a constant evolution, and in spite of the challenges life has presented to me, I’ve always come out stronger, wiser and more determined.

Ready to get your ass whooped with love, positivity and a much-needed reality check? Hire me today to motivate, inspire and awaken the true potential of your team, students, company or corporation.